Hire Tattoo Artist for Birthday Parties and Corporate Events

Tattoo Artist – A party needs to be fun to create good memories that will be lasting and worth cherishing.

A new innovation is our new party idea which is very popular and it is tattoo making, tattoos are fun among kids and they would love the little figures created on their skin.

It is more of a temporary tattoo zone. And no, they are not done with harmful colours that will ruin your skin, Instead we provide a 100 per cent safe and usable body colour and paint brushes. So it is more like body painting, but we also have some sticker tattoos for people and kids who like that kind of thing. We also have glitter tattoos which are temporary tattoos that comes in various shapes and sizes. Our friendly glitter tattoo artist will be around to assist you in applying the glitter tattoo on your skin.

We will offer you the best and well trained tattoo artists. their work is impeccable and skin safe for children and adults alike.

Tatoo artist for birthday parties and corporate events