Hire Wax Hand Activity for birthday parties – Delhi, Gurgaon

Wax hand activities for birthday parties and corporate events in delhi and gurgaon

Experience a fun and interactive activity with your own hands. Dip your hands in the colourful safe wax and create a sculpture of your own hands in different shapes and attractive colours. For  Birthdays & Social Parties, Corporate Events and Exhibitions, contact us and enjoy this lovely activity.

Our professional artists will guide you throughout the process,  starting with dipping your hands in the white hot wax several times (don’t worry–it won’t burn. It actually feels really nice and ticklish!). Next we add colors of your choice, then we gently remove the wax from your hand, and then allow the wax form to harden. After a few minutes, the mold is finished and

you have a really cool, personalized sculpture to take home and cherish for the rest of your life!!! This exciting activity at your  party will be fun for both kids and adults.

The guests at the party will enjoy themselves much more. With our wax hands creation, you make your party more unique and amazing. Try out different poses such as the Peace sign, Thumbs Up, a couple or friends holding hands, High Five, or Live Long and Prosper!! Your guests can come back as many times as they want!!!