1950’s theme Party Planners and decorators

Get your guests to another decade by hosting a 50s party. Go back in time with rock n roll balloons and retro props that will remind everyone of the good old days. Guests will definitely have a blast and be happy to recall the past with good memories.  Decor including arches, balloons, props, classic cars, jukeboxes and diners will attract the guests. We also provide sunglasses, scarves, wigs and poodle skirts for fun photo shoots. So ladies, it’s time to break out your poodle skirts, and guys, slick back your hair!


  • Black & Pink
  • Soda Fountain
  • Poodle Skirts & Pony Tails
  • Leather & Slicked back hair
  • White t-shirts & cuffed jeans
  • The Twist
  • Elvis Theme

1950’s theme party Decoration-

Vintage diners and signs provide a great backdrop for 1950’s theme party. We have Black and white checkered floors, Retro cutouts and Photo Booth. We not only… but also include ’50s-themed props (cat-eye glasses, paper soda jerk hats, bow ties, scarves, boas, sunglasses etc. Other décor parts include:-

  • Fifties Party Deluxe Set
  • Jukebox Standee
  • 1950’s Diner Arch
  • Fifties Silhouette Cutouts
  • Soda Shop Balloon Arch
  • Rock ‘n Roll Centerpieces
  • Record Cutouts
  • And many more.

1950’s Theme Party Games and Activities-

A 1950 was a golden age of rock and roll and 50s fashion. To engage the guests in your 1950s party choose the games and bring back the atmosphere of the 1950s.
Our 1950’s games and activities include:-

  • Twist
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Name that Tune
  • Name that 1950s TV Show
  • Bubble-gum blowing contest
  • Limbo Contest
  • Trivia Questions about the 1950s

1950’s Theme Party Invitations-

It’s fun to host a party.  We have handpicked some style party invitations that your guests will love. We bet your party will the hit with these
classy invites. Send out fun and colorful Rock & Roll themed invitations. Ask the guests to dress in their favorite 50s gear.

1950’s Theme party cakes-

We have a classy set of Cakes for the 1950’s theme party. Our cakes include:-

  • Cool Retro Pink Cadillac Cake
  • Retro Car Cake
  • Coolest Fifties Rock and Roll Cake
  • And many more.

1950’s Theme party Favors-

Don’t forget to pass out the favors once the party is over! Make an impression by handing out 1950s items that will have your guests ready to rock again! We provide special personalized fifties party favors for guests to enjoy.