Motu Patlu theme party

Motu Patlu cartoon television series which  It focuses on most popular kids show in India. But the Motu Patlu theme party  create the image in the heart of  our society. So Motu Patlu theme birthday party ideas and  concept covers mind of kids also.

About Motu Patlu

In addition with the story of the Motu and Patlu revolves around the two friends, living in the city Furfuri Nagar. Therefore it focuses on how they have a habitual land hilarious situation and later rescue themselves merely by bad luck.

Why Motu Patlu?

Motu patlu theme party mainly known through its decoration and his cartoon characters. Hence the Motu Patlu theme create an opportunity for Birthday Organiser to play an important role fullfilling the desire of kids and his ultimate parents.

Why Birthday Organiser?

So Birthday Organiser achieve the Birthday party goals through team and his work. Hence we assemble all décor and characters on birthday venue, while children enjoy on the birthday party venue and they feel Motu Patlu museum.
Birthday organiser also provide optimal level of satisfaction to his ultimate customer through our expert team.

How we work?

So Birthday organiser  takes major steps for fulfilling the customer needs:-
1. Interviewing the person and the parents to identify their needs.
2. Budget preparation
3. Event design and  Decoration through our expert of birthday organiser
4. Planning detailed checklist  party materials.
5. Attendee list preparation for the guest
6. Birthday Organiser identification of event venues  as like hotels, outdoor (field) event place
7. Birthday Organiser Identifying and hiring of different party and event  professionals and service provider.
8. Cusomized decorations an addition with Life journey of person or corporates.
9. Birthday Organiser provides full Coordination of deliveries/services on the event day and party day.
10. Birthday organiser team have a back-up plan in the for any opposite situation.
11. Birthday organiser manages the schedule, often with software.
12. Birthday Organiser prepare all further legal documentation and translations  like police verification and get permission from related authority for the large events organise.

Motu Patlu party supplies.

We are also offer our customers different add on like toys,
Motu and patlu cutouts , hanging  cutouts , Motu patlu  theme party based ballons, Motu Patlu birthday cake,
Motu Patlu theme based birthday cake table, Motu and Patlu  party balloons pillers, ribbons, birthday persons welcome gate and return gifts.