Mowgli Theme Party

Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai…
You’d be Wrong if you didn’t hear the above lines in tune to the epic cartoon of the 90s. Yes, the lovable very little man  Mowgli is back to require us on a homesick ride of adventures this weekend. With the film already making a stir worldwide, don’t be stunned if your little Mowgli at home commit to have The Jungle Book as the theme, for his or her forthcoming party. thus prepare yourselves to ask the Baloos, the Bagheeras and also the fierce Shere Khans to be a section of your kid’s celebrations.

Why Mowgli theme party?

Here’s however you’ll add the proper ‘junglee‘ component to the party:
Think like Raksha (Mowgli’s wolf mother) and howl out the invite to the guests in sort of voice recordings. If you’re aiming to send invites via card, email or text message, follow the theme and don’t forget to say regarding the dress code, date, time and venue.

How we work?

Here’s some one-liners that you simply will use:
It’s Our Li’l Mowgli’s Birthday! King Louis, Bagheera and Baloo are returning, are you?
Get Ready To Rumble within the Jungle, As It’s (Kids Name’s) Birthday!
Play Like Mowgli, Party Like Louis & Dance Like Baloo at (Kids Name’s) Birthday!
Come wish Our Li’l Mowgli A Beary Happy Birthday!
It’s Our Li’l Mowgli’s Birthday! Dress For the Wild.
If you’ve got indoor plants at home, then half your job is finished. but if not, then crepe paper, green balloons, card boards and a number of animal soft toys are all you would like to form the proper ambiance of the jungle at home.
There are plenty of activities to keep the kids pleased through the party. keep in mind the classic ‘Fire within the Jungle‘ game? children are completely about to love that one. you’ll additionally include activities like Painting, art or Pin The Tail On The Tiger!

Mowgle theme party supplies

Nowadays, having a prop corner at a celebration could be a must. Install a Jungle Booth and watch the little  Baloos and Bagheeras boast their junglee aspect. you’ll additionally organize for a face painting stall to fun up the theme even more.
Send your guests home with the cutest party favors! From animal soft toys, customised plates, books, bottles to chocolates, there’s such a lot of choices out there within the markets once it involves The Jungle Book.
So what are you waiting for? Get set coming up with for a Roaring birthday celebration now!