Barbie Theme Party Planners &  In Gurugram, Delhi, Gurgaon

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barbie theme party planners Delhi. Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Give your princess the best birthday party with barbie theme party ideas.  We are the best barbie theme party, planner. In her long lifetime she has reinvented herself in dozen of professions and no matter what is always fashionable. Girls love Barbie for her best dress-up outfits and her accessories. The girls can bring their favorite Barbie dolls and accessories and also bring dress-up clothes and makeup for the makeover session.

The pink and lavender balloons and the pink ribbons will make you feel as if you are in a Barbie’s Dream House. Your little girl’s mind will be blown away by seeing the pink paradise filled with girly touches such as bows, flowers, dolls, beautiful mason jars with flower petals and pearls. We plan and barbie theme party organizer to make your party memorable

Why barbie theme?

Barbie has been playing an important role in the girl’s childhood life. Therefore this attachment of kids from Barbie dolls, in addition to we providing kids Barbie theme party ideas. Due to this reason Birthday organizer will organize all decor and characters at the birthday venue. Barbie theme party organizers near me Delhi.

Barbie theme party supplies.

We also offer our customers different add on like toys, Barbie theme cutouts, hanging, cutouts, thematic balloons, thematic birthday cake, thematic cake table decoration, & many more. Barbie theme party planners Gurgaon.

Barbie theme party activities

The girls will have their own “Makeup Studio” where each girl will get a

  • Barbie tattoo on their arms
  • handmade pink necklace

hair tied up in a ponytail with pink ribbon and glittery makeup. So girls! Get your sparkle on and show this world where you belong.

Barbie theme party planner, barbie theme party ideas, barbie theme party organizer, barbie theme party decorator
Barbie theme party planner, barbie theme party ideas, barbie theme party organizer, barbie theme party decorator

Enjoy the games like

  • Pin the bow on Barbie
  • Glitter show
  • Nail paint designs for the lovely little girls
  • hairstyle making with beautiful accessories Barbie Fashion show
  • Tattoo making
  • Barbie Frame Photo Booth
  • Girly pass the parcel and many more.

Similar to this we have other themes such as the cinderella theme, Candyland theme, Minnie theme, and many other themes.