Electronic falling stick game on rent in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida


Birthday parties, Events, and Corporate Functions.

Electronic falling stick game on rent Gurgaon. This falling stick game is very famous among everyone. In this game, sticks fall one by one and you have to catch every falling stick to win the game. Most importantly these sticks do not fall in sequences, they may fall from any side, left or right. You have to catch all the falling sticks.

Basically, you have to be very alert to catch the falling stick. Your eyes and mind should be focused with full concentration so you cannot miss any stick to win the game. It’s a very energetic game and everyone loves to play this joyful game. So you can book this fantastic game for your events, birthday parties, and corporate events at a very affordable price. Falling stick game for hire Delhi.

It,s a single-player game but you can set a competition among yourself. Those who will catch all the sticks will win the game and he/she will get a wonderful gift for winning. When there is any competition then everyone loves to participate in it. In this way, every one of your guests will be engaged in a healthy contest.

This falling stick game is very enjoyable and you can book this game in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, South Delhi, and Delhi at a very reasonable price. With this game, we also provide a coordinator who will arrange all the sticks and take care of the machine.

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