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dart football game on rent Delhi, Gurgaon

Dart football game on rent Gurgaon. Foot Darts or Soccer Darts, the newest sporting craze gaining national attention, is BIG fun for everyone! It’s literally a giant bulls-eye target where players kick a ball on it to collect points. Therefore, with its darts, you can play with your feet. It’s great! The new Foot Dart game is a unique, interactive game that combines soccer and dart game into one.

Hence Players will try to kick the fuzzy soccer ball onto the target with their feet. Instead of the traditional way of using their hands to throw darts in an effort to hit the bullseye. The Soccer Darts inflatable is very popular. Therefore, with the Foot Darts game both younger and older kids, even adults can play! Football Dart game for hire Delhi.

Basically, Foot Darts is an indoor or outdoor game featuring an inflatable dartboard that has sticky material to hold the balls. You can make the game as easy or hard as you’d like! The Foot Darts is a fun game that will bring out the competitive side in all of your players! Adjust the kick line distance to make the older players try a bit harder!

Hence we are able to set up the Foot Darts either indoors or outdoors as long as space allows it. Want to imagine yourself as the next Ronaldo or Messi? Put your accuracy to the test with our brand new Foot Darts game. Dart football on rent Gurugram.

Where both football and darts become one sport and are enjoyed by all ages regardless of footballing ability and skill. WOW! It’s a  HUGE dart! Foot Darts is an amazing new take on one of the all-time favorites. Kick balls onto the board and play DARTS just like you normally do. Kick and Enjoy this dart game at any event or party. Dart football rental near me Delhi.

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