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Jenga game on rent Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida

Jenga Game On Rent Delhi. Enjoy your party with a full family Jenga Game which all the children and adults will love to play. It’s a fun game for all ages. The game starts with a stack of blocks into a tower without letting it fall. Each participant will remove a block without letting the blocks fall. Whoever makes the tower fall will lose the game. It is a block–balancing game that requires a steady hand.

If you are wanting to try something exciting to make the best of family moments with parents and children get together then hire this fun blocks game called the Jenga Game and have the most of it with your family. We provide this Jenga Game for birthday parties, corporate events, and many more other events. Jenga Game On Rent Gurgaon.

Jenga Game Video

Mostly Jenga games are best for an adult theme party as they love to compete with each other. As you can also have a healthy competition among guests and also provide gifts for the winner. It will encourage most of the guests to take part in such activities. Jenga game for hire Gurgaon.

As we have a giant Jenga game that is 4ft in height when the block is arranged it will go up to 10ft to 12ft depending on the balancing of blocks. The factor in this game is that you need a calm mind and a steady hand to balance the blocks. Jenga game on rent Delhi.

Similarly, for the adult’s theme, we have other options such as a beer pong table, pool table, table tennis, body zorbing, buzz the wire, and many other options available. Jenga Game rental near me Delhi.