Science show on rent in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida


Events, birthday parties, and school events.

science show on rent in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida

Science show on rent in Gurgaon. Basically, The Science show is an exciting and entertaining activity. Kids these days have an interest in science and this science show gives them knowledge about the different prospects of science.

Some of the Science activities are:-

Dry ice in a beaker.
Bubble fountain.
Ghost bubble.
Popping lid.
Fire in hand.
Tissue roll.
The Ln balloon.
Ln flower.
Ln in hand.
Elephant toothpaste.
Dry ice cloud.
Big bang.

Hence every kid will do these activities, which will enhance his knowledge. Gaining knowledge with entertainment is the best way to educate kids. In this science show, we will learn different activities like how to make dry ice clouds, fire in the hands, and many other activities.

For the school function, you can book our science show to provide knowledge to the kids. You can also book science activities for your events and birthday parties to engage kids. This show will give a different atmosphere that will enhance your events.

Engaging kids at any party is bis issue for guests and for that we have this science activity that will make every kid happy and also engage them for hours. In this show, there are lots of activities that kids can perform that are way too ahead for them in real life.

Our coordinator are well-trained professionals that will take care of everything. They are working as a science show artist for the last 10 years having a lot of experience in this field.

Similarly, we have some other activities for kids such as art & crafts, a magic show, a game coordinator, a painting competition, and many other activities. Likewise, we also have games for kids such as air hockey, electronic basketball, gun shooting, and many other games.

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